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The Baotu Spring, sometimes as 'Jet Spring' or 'Sqirting Spring', is the most renown cultural spring among the more than 70 named artesian springs in the downtown Jinan City. The spring witnessed the visit of the emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long who left inscriptions at the site. Qian Long even declared the Baotu Spring with the honorary title "Number One Spring under the Heaven". It has been a top tourist attraction since long and numerous people travel to Baotu Spring every year. The water of all these springs originates from an Ordovician karst aquifer under the city. As the terrain around Jinan

slopes from the south down to the north, the recharge are for the aquifer is located in the mountainous area to the south of the city. The spring pool of the Baotu spring is fed by an underwater limestone water through three outlets with the pool itself thirty meters long from east to west and twenty meters wide from south to north, the water jets from the spring are said to have reached highs up to twenty-six meters in the past. The water temperature remains constant of 18 degree Celsius through the entire year. The spring is one of four famous springs in the city (the others being Black Tiger, Pearl and Five

Dragons); However, today, it faces the problem of lower water levels due to an overuse of the water supply for the population of the city. Recent years, the government put great efforts to recover the beautiful spring sqirting. Now when the water levels are high enough, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jinan city. Here is some guide information of Baotu Spring. 
Location: No.1 Baotuquan South Road, Jinan             Contact number: +86 531 86920439             Opening hours: 6:00 to 21:00         Tickets: RMB40/Person

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Water still spring up from Baotu Spring right now?

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Baotu Spring can be regarded as one of the must-see sites in Jinan. The Baotu Spring features its natural spring. And you can also see the water spring from Baotu Spring now.