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Xiaoyaojin Park Guide

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Travel to Xiaoyaojin Park, you can see an ancient battleground during the time of Three Kings. Xiaoyaojin Park, known as Leisure Ford Park in English, lies in the northwest corner of old downtown of Hefei city. In 215, Sun Quan led his army to attack Heifei bur failed and then went back. But, he was defeated by Zhang Liao. Sun Quan had to retreat here, but the bridge had been dismantled. Sun Quan, for saving himself, riding his horse directly crossed the Fei River, so the later generation also called this bridge Feiji Bridge. This story was also legendarily written into the novel titled Legend

 of Three Kingdoms. Xiaoyaojin Park, covers an area of 31.3 hectares, is naturally divided by waterway into east and west parks. In the park, the attractions are densely collected. The east one serves as the youngsters' zone and children's fairyland. There is a big lawn in the center of park as the square for people's gathering and entertainment. The southeast corner is the zoo, in which many rare animals and aquatic species. The northeast corner servers as the tea house and the boat dock. In the park,

there was a fake tomb of Zhang Liao. The west part, with interwoven rivulets and undulating topography, is rather a serene place for people to relax. View changes here with every step of your move in the tranquil path while you are enjoying the green shade of trees, beautiful garden houses and corridors Now it is one of the top-ten Hefei attractions. Here's some guide information in your travel of Xiaoyaojin Park: b Address: Northeasten of old city of Hefei City, Anhui Province.   Contact number: 0086-0551-2654575    Admission Fee: free    Opening Hours: 08:00 to 17:30

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