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Sanhe Ancient City Guide

-Travel to Sanhe Ancient City

Travel to Sanhe Ancient City is a must-do programme when you visiting Anhui Province. Sanhe (Three Rivers) town is located on the Hefei-Huangshan-Jiuhuashan golden tourist route, 40km from the city proper of Hefei. Its present name was derived from the fact that the three rivers---the Fengle River, Hangbu River and Xiaonan River intersect here. It is located in adjacent to the famous Chao Lake, one of the four fresh water lakes in China. The city got its name for the fact that there are three rivers that intersect in the town: Fengle River, Hangbu River and Xiaonan River. The town with the history of more

 than 2,500 years old and has a population of approximately 30,000. There are eight ancient relics located in the town (ancient bridges, ancient civilian houses and ancient battlefields to name a few) and this is what attracts several groups of tourists year after year. The town is full of picturesque rivers, lakes and bridges, which make a fun and tranquil place and attract thousands of travelers to come and enjoy the beauty of the ancient city. The local food, with its own style at Sanhe, is also famous and

delicious in the country. Even we can walk through to the bridge which made on Qing Dynasty-made from stone. The old street divided into 2 parts; the vertical stone layers are for common people, and the 3 horizontal layers are for government officers. But, it was an ancient rule. There is an often-quoted saying about Sanhe which goes as "To make a tour, one should go to the Huangshan Mountain; to sample food, one should visit Sanhe."Today, you can choose the part that you like most.  Here's some guide information in your travel of Lord Bao's Temple: Address: Sanhe Ancient City, Hefei, Anhui Province.

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