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Travel to Taiping Lake, you can see the largest man-made lake in Anhui Province, surrounded by mountains. The scenic area, covers 275 square kilometers, boasts beautiful waters, differently-shaped peninsulas and stunning stones. Its advantageous location, good harmonious ecological environment, abundant products and profound culture predict a prosperous future of tourism. Taiping Lake is located at the southern foot of Mt. Huangshan and to the southeast of Mt. Jiuhua. It is only about 30 KM away from the north entrance of Mt. Huangshan and the south entrance of Mt. Jiuhua.

It is endowed with superior ecological environment. Beside the lake grows over 400 kinds of plants from 41 species. Near half of them are ornamental plants. The area is inhabitated by about 170 birds, 70 mammals, and 40 freshwater fishes. It is also rich in fruits and various local specialties, such as the world famous Taiping Houkui green tea, Huangshan Maofeng green tea, Longmen persimmon, Chinese goosebeery, Qiaoshan Chinese torreya nuts, dried wild fish, and Taiping silver fish. The history of Taiping Lake scenic area can be traced back to 109 BC when it was built into Lingyang

County. According to the folklore, Lingyang Mountain is the place where Dou Ziming, the first magistrate of Lingyang County in Han Dynasty, cultivated himself and finally became an immortal. To the west of the lake, there still exists Xifeng Temple and Yongqing Nunnery, the only temples preserved from the history. Tools of the New Stone Age were found near the Egret (Bailu) islet. Some other historic sites also marked the flourishing culture and profound history of the area. Here's some guide information in your travel of Taiping Lake:   Address: Taiping Lake County, Yellow Mountain District, Anhui Province.   Contact number: 0086-0559-8561399   Admission Fee: CNY35-55 (for different season)    Opening Hours: 07:00 to 19:00

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