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Lord Bao's Temple Guide

-Travel to Lord Bao's Temple

Travel to Lord Bao’s Temple, you can get to know the life story of this famous person. Lord Bao (999-1062), named Bao Zheng, was a famous officer in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). He was well respected because of his excellent personality, fair-minded judgments and strict family education. In commemoration, many memorial temples were built after his death. Among them the Lord Bao's Temple is the most famous and renowned one. This temple lies in Baohe Park in the southeastern part of his hometown, Hefei City. The current appearance of the temple is the result of

reconstruction in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Entering the beautiful park, walking through the stone gate and along the small path by the lake, you will find the temple in front of you. It is a typical compound with houses around a courtyard. There is an incense burner donated by a pilgrim standing in the yard. The main palace with five halls is the highlight of the temple. There is an inscription stone in the temple which was found in the tomb of Bao Zheng in Daxingji County, Hefei City in April, 1973.

There are stone inscriptions on the wall . This inscription stone records detailed information of Bao's whole life that is helpful for a further understanding of him. The sites of the newly built Waxwork Museum of Lord Bao and Cultural Gallery of Lord Bao deserve your visit as well.Here's some guide information in your travel of Lord Bao's Temple: 
Address: East of Huanchengnanlu, Hefei city, Anhui Province.    Contact number: 0086-0551-2884124    Admission Fee:CNY20    Opening Hours: 08:00 to 18:00

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