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Xiling Snow Mountain Guide

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Xiling Snow Mountain is a national scenic resort, which lies in Dayi County, Sichuan province. With the area of 375 square meters and a height of 5,364 meters above sea level, Xiling Snow Mountain, the highest peak in Chengdu, is the world natural heritage and the habitant area of Giant Panda. Its peak, Daxuetang, is 5364 meters (3.3 miles) high and capped with snow all year round. The resort is about 95km away from Chengdu. The traffic is easily accessible with high class cement road connecting Chengdu. It takes only 2 hours by bus from Chengdu.
It was first made famous when the renowned Chinese poet Du Fu lived in seclusion on its slopes in a thatched house and penned the famous poem "the window contains the range of the century snow from Xiling, the gate anchors the ship coming from Kingdom of Wu."(' ' ' ?,' ' ' ?).

Xling Snow Mountain is well-known as the Oriental Alps, can be currently a national-level scenic place exclusively funded by Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The entire area is a natural paradise where you can find primeval forests, sheer precipices, overhanging rock formations, and a variety of flowers, rare birds, and other animals. Spectacular alpine views lurk at every corner with streams, waterfalls, a sea of clouds, and the most beautiful sunrises. For the adventurous, there are also a number of thrill activities available such as snowboarding, skiing, motor skiing, hot-air ballooning, and gliding.
And there are many exciting events for visitors, such as Snow-capped fun, Ski-duos, One-horse sleigh, Flying saucer on snow-capped, Sightseeing thermal balloon, and Parachute show— a breathtaking jump.
April to August are the best months to visit, while winter is another good time with thick level snow carpet in the skiing places.

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