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Pingle Ancient Town Guide

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Pingle Ancient Town is about 90 Km west of Chengdu and about 20 Km away from Qionglai City where you need to transfer from Chengdu to Pingle.The town was formed as early as West Han Dynasty (150 B.C.). Pingle was an important town o­n the ancient South Sichuan Road and South Silk Road.
Two thousand years’ history has blessed it with a profound cultural heritage. people who have a journey there, will be impressed deeply by the local ample material civilization as well as a splendid folk culture. From the center of the ancient town, it radiates to the five scenic spots: Jinhua Mountain, Lugou Valley, Huaqiu Mountain, Qilong Mountain and Qikou. And there are some highlights in Pingle Ancient Town:

Huajiu scenic area: It is 4 km away from the west of the ancient town. There are ranges of mountains and clear streams , and the Huajiugong tea named as “the first garden under the sky”given by Kanxi emperor, and the ten miles corridor, and the misterious limestone cave etc.
Lugou bamboo sea: it is the neareast bamboo sea from the urban of the Chengdu. The coverage area of the forest and bamboo is 16000 mu, ascend a height to enjoy a distant view, you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of a bamboo sea. Drive from the ancient town to the Lugou natural scenic area, you can see the green bamboo, clear streams along the way, it gets rid of the tiredness and makes you refreshed.

Qin Han Dynasty courier route: it is the first Silk road (Lingguan road) recognized by the archaeologist, it starts from Chengdu, passes through Linqiong , Pingle ancient town, and then continues to the south direction.
Li family yard: it is located in the Huajiu scenic area , built by the famous business man Lihongkai in Qing dynasty, it took 56 years to complete the building. Li family yard is the most completely civilian residence of Qing dynasty, which has the biggest area and the most Sichuan charactistic civilian residence style.
As the first key town o­n the Tea-horse Ancient Road to the west of Chengdu, Pingle is o­ne of the origins of the Ancient Shu civilization. With its beautiful scenery, profound culture and history and the primitive folk customs, those abundant travel resources,Pingle, is a place where you can cast your worry and anxiety away. Time is still and life is laid-back there.
Chengdu belongs to subtropics monsoon climate. It has early spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and warm winter. The average temperature in Chengdu is 16℃. The best travel time is from March to June and from September to December.

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