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Travel to Mazu Temple, you can learn a lot about the famous Heroine Mazu. Mazu Temple, located on Meizhou Island near Putian, it is the main temple out of all the other Mazu Temples that are located throughout the world. Every year, thousands of worshippers from China and over the world come to this temple to worship and travel, who make the temple to be the greatest one in China. The lady who is worshipped here, Lady Mazu, was born the first year of Jianlong of the Song Dynasty, March 23rd,960AD, as Lin Moniang. She was very smart and always worshipped gods and recited religious

texts with the intention to help poor people. After she died in 987 AD, it is said that her spirit often reappeared in the area to safeguard the ships and boats as they traveled by. The temple was built during the first year after her death and was very small at that time. Each time the temple received a title from the court, it would expand and its activities would also increase. There is a lantern show on the Lantern Festival, and on the 23rd of lunar March, many people would travel to the temple during the birthday of Mazu to burn incense and pray to her. An show of Chinese drama and other typical  

local  folk performances are presented to crowds of visitors. Facing the grand Pacific Ocean, the travel attraction is surrounded by sea on three sides. In addition to the Mazu Temple, there is a Mazu Statue on top of Phoenix Hill, which is the largest and most sublime Mazu stone sculpture on the Chinese Mainland.  The theatrical stage of the temple serves as an entertainment place for two grand temple fairs held every year, on the Lantern Festival and the birthday of Mazu. Here’s some guide information of Mazu Temple: Address: Meizhou Island, Putian County, Fujian Province.    Contact number: 0086-594-5096267 / 5092643.
Admission fee: CNY50, Openning hours: 07:30-17:30.

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