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Located in the Sheng Tong County of Beihai, Catholicism Church is hidden in a green shadow swaying banana and jackfruit trees. It is one of the most magnificent church in the end of the Qing “ Leilian” area. According to the Guide of History in Beihai, The Catholicism Church was constructed by a policy which is “ Reopen the Island of Ban” from The Qing Government. The French have the opportunity to preach at the island.Cause it is floating in the sea. The Qing government thought that it is the most likely to harbor evil intentions" and issued a "forever sealed" order for Weizhou. In Qing Dynasty1867, A missions of Paris Foreign will make use of this opportunity to send France missionary priest on the island.

In the 4th century, there was an Arian heresy, or what was known as a denial of the Divinity of Christ that caused almost all of the bishops to leave the Church. Those, who refused to accept the heresy, became lonely and depressed. To whoever is reading this, there is only one God in our life and he is the Creator of Earth. He created people so that we could have a joyful and colorful life in the heaven after our time is over on the Earth. However, the only way to get to heaven is to do God's will. We find this in our hearts and the consciousness that God gave to us.

God also propagated his will through many prophets, the greatest being Jesus Christ, the founder of his Church and his Eternal Son. When someone enters God's church that person must be open to knowledge and divine assistance. The only way to do receive these two things is to pray to God. When we die, we will be judged and either goes to heaven or hell. How we lived our life will be our judger. However, a person is not only invited to enter the Catholic Church, but is commanded by God to enter and to find salvation within the walls of the church. Catholic Church has one of the most famous attractions in Beihai.
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