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Guandi Temple is situated nearby the saint maria church, which is a must-see during Beihai travel. Guandi, Guan Yu, is the only legend worshiped by Confucius, Buddhism and Taoism in Chinese culture. Normally known as Guangong or Guan Di the Saint, Guan Yu was a general in the Three Kingdoms who followed Liu Bei faithfully. In the Chinese culture, Guandi is regarded as an icon of loyalty, bravery, righteousness and many other traditional virtues. Cao Cao, a warlord of Wei with thousands of capable generals, admired Guan Yu only just for his righteousness. In his search of his

sworn brother Liu Bei, Guan Yu surrendered to the Han Dynasty, not to Cao himself. Cao had done what he could to win over Guan Yu, high rank, plenty of gold, luxurious banquets, a once-in-a-blue-moon steed Chi Tu Ma, the title of Lord Shouting, etc. But, Guan Yu was more concerned about Liu Bei and as soon as he got news about Liu Bei, he gave up everything and fought alone through hundreds of miles to escort Liu Bei's two wives safely. If you enter the temple through the front gate, you will see Guantin Bodhisattva in front of you and a group of Buddha's at the left. In front of the main hall is

Confucius the Sage, Prince Nezha and Maitreya the Happy Buddha. Right in the main hall is the martial and elegant Guan Di the Saint, with Prince Guan Ping and General Zhou Cang at the sides and MA Ye down below. In the back hall are Sakyamuni, Empress Heaven, Goddess Zhu Chu, Di Mu Yuan Gong, Tai Sui Ye, God of Wealth, Imperial Doctor, Prince Nezha and Prince Hong Hai ER. The temple always blesses faithful. Guandi Temple is a very famous trourist attraction in Beihai.
Here are some guide information about Guandi Temple.      Address: near the Saint Maria Church.      The ticket prize: RMB20 per person       Contact number: +86 10-85968802.

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