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Zhuhai City, located just direct North of Macau, accessed through the customs from the Northern boundary of Macau. Zhuhai is dominated by a low latitude subtropical monsoon climate with adequate sunshine and rainfall. The annual average temperature is 22.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature in January and February is the lowest, while it goes up in April. From May to September it gets relatively hotter and more rainfall. The annual average precipitation is 1,700 to 2,300 millimeters. Wind blows in from the sea, bringing

very pleasant weather all the year. In summer and autumn, typhoon occasionally harass the city. The average relative air humidity is 79%. Tourists shall pay attention to weather forecast so as to prepare timely clothes and rain gear. The best time to visit Zhuhai is March, May, October. The size of the open area and the basement shopping streets in Zhuhai will impress you. Have you ever been to the Cartuchap market in Thailand? If you have, think 3 times the size and perhaps twice the variety of cheap goods available.

Details of Zhuhai weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage High( F)Average High ( C)Average Low ( F)Average Low ( C)Rain(in)Rain(mm)

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Name:Zhuhai Weather Reply

What is the weather like in Zhuhai autumn and winter? Do I need to take sweaters? Does it rain a lot?

Name:Re: Zhuhai Weather

The weather in Zhuhai is not cold in autumn and winter. The temperature is between 14.6 to 22 centi-degrees. October and November have the best weather in the whole year in Zhuhai. And the rains come less that usual in autumn and winter.