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Xuchang, located close to the Yellow River and 80 KM to the capital city Zhengzhou, is one of the ancient cities with abundant history in China. The city located at a very important place links to other big cities at all directions. 75% of the city area is the plateau and the rest 25% is mountains. The city, located between the Warm Temperate Zone and the Sub-tropical Zone, enjoys a temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate with the annual average temperature 15 degrees celsius. The annual precipitation of Xuchang is

around 600 mm. The highest temperature on average is around 35 degrees celsius in July and the coledest is 0 degree celsius in January. Xuchang also has around 200 frost-free days with the 2,400 hours annual sunshine time. The city enjoys the four distinct seasons, mild climate with the abundant sunshine there. The best time to visit Xuchang is September and October in autumn due to the flowers full of mountains and fresh and cool weather there. Spring and winter in Xuchang is very cold with the strong wind there. Guests need to take more clothes and wear the down jackets if they travel in Xuchang during the low season.

Details of Xuchang weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
Average Data JanFebMarAprMayJune
Rain (in)0.2/0.40.4/0.51.0/1.11.7/1.82.1/2.22.4/2..5
Rain (mm)5.0/1010/1525/3040/4550/5560/65
Average DataJulyAugSepOctNovDec
Rain (in)5.9/6.04.9/5.02.9/3.01.6/1.71.0/1.10.4/0.5
Rain (mm)145/155115/12568/7538/4227/328/12

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Name:Xuchang Weather Reply

How is the weather in Xuchang? Is it snowing recently? How is the temperature?

Name:Re: Xuchang Weather

The weather has been a dry season for winter in Xuchang recently. It is not snowing recently, but it is dry cold. The temperature now in Xuchang is between -9 to 10 celsius.