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Qufu, located at the southern area of Shandong province, is famous for the historical and cultural sites and regarded as the "Sacred City" in China. The city was world-renowned as the birthplace of Confucius, a famous thinker and educationist in China's history. The city enjoys the continental monsoon climate with the abundant sunshine and four distinct seasons. The annual temperature in Qufu is 15 degrees celsius with 2500 hours sunshine time, 680 mm annual precipitation and around 200 frost-free days. And the

highest temperature is around 35 degrees celsius in summer and the lowest temperature is arouind -5 degrees celsius in winter. The dominant wind directions are northeast in winter and south in other seasons. The spring in Qufu is very dry with the strong wind. Summer is a pleasant season in Qufu, since it is the rainy season in July and August. And July has the most rainfall in the year, which is around 220 mm. Autumn and winter are also cold and dry with strong wind and less snow there. The best months to travel in Qufu is September and October and it is the high season to travel in Qufu.

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What is the weather like in Qufu? I'm going there for a vacation in July. What about the temperatures? Do I need to take warm thick clothes with me?

Name:Re: Qufu Weather

The weather in Qufu is good in July. Temperatures' are medium, but a little chilly at night. So bring a jacket with you just in case.