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Fuzhou is located in the northeast coast of Fujian province bordering the East China Sea. Fuzhou belongs to warm and humid sub-tropical monsoon climate with ample rainfalls. Fuzhou climate is moderate with the annual average temperature is about 19.6C (67.28F).  Fuzhou is a city suitable to visit all the year around but the best season of visiting Fuzhou is Autumn and Winter when you can enjoy the cool and clear weather in Fuzhou with evergreen trees and mild temperatures which is charming and attractive to tourists

Spring is changeable and rainy, knitted sweater and umbrellas will be necessities. Well ventilate clothing is suggested when come to visit Fuzhou in summer because it's sunny and hot and moist. Another issue that one has to notices is July and August are also the typhoon season which is not the ideal time for visiting because it's like to rain cats and dogs with storms. It's cold but not freezing in winter there with the lowest between 9.7C (49.46F) - 11C (51.8F) in January when it's better to wear sweater and coat.

Details of Fuzhou weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage High( F)Average High ( C)Average Low ( F)Average Low ( C)Rain(in)Rain(mm)
December62/6717/2048/539/111.3/1.4 30/36

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Name:Fuzhou Weather Reply

What is the climate of Fuzhou in May? Could I get general figures for the high and low temperatures?

Name:Re: Fuzhou Weather

Summer is just starting to wane in May in Fuzhou. The general temperature ranges from 19 degree to 27 degree Celsius. It is warm and comfortable, but usually it is rainy in May in Fuzhou, as it is a transition month.