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Xihui Park is located at Wuxi City, 2.5 kilometers west of the city. Occupying an area of 6.85 square kilometers, it's named due to its location between the Xi and Hui Mountains. Mountain Hui is famous for its plenty of spring pools. There are more than ten spring pools on the mountain. "Nine dragons and thirteen spring pools" on the Mount Hui have been talked with great relish by people since the ancient time.Inside the park there are several temples, teahouses, gardens and other sites. One of the best places to visit is Huishan hill, the highest point in Wuxi, also known for its fresh spring water.The Mountain Hui is 329 meters high, on which stand nine peaks. Because the shape of the peaks suggests nine dragons, Mount Hui also called Mountain of Nine Dragons. It has the reputation of "The First Mountain in South China". On the top of the mountain are Longguang Pagoda and Temple ("the luster of dragon"). Erecting on the top of the mountain, the magnificent Longguang Pagoda is the symbol of Wuxi City.Another nice park to visit, Lihue Park, is famous for its artificial lake and the seven story Dragon Light Pagoda located inside the park. The octagonal pagoda was built in the Ming Dynasty and burned down in the Qing Dynasty; the present one is only a replica, but still offers an amazing view of Taihu Lake. The Xihui Park is a top tourist attraction when you travel to Wuxi.
Some guide information for Xihui Park        Location: No.2 Huishan zhijie Street, Wuxi City, Jiangsu          Tickets: CNY 55              Contact number: +86 510 5860417         Opening hours: 5:30-18:00/22:00

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