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Taihu Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in China, is a formed by meteorite impacts almost ten thousand years ago and maybe even longer than that. With an area of 2,250 km² and an average depth of two metres, Taihu Lake is the second largest among the 'Five Famous Freshwater Lakes' in China with the largest being the Poyang Lake. The lake houses about ninety islands, ranging in size from a few square meters to several square miles. The whole Taihu Lake area contains fourty-eight islands and seventy-two mountains.

The Turtle Head Park (Yuantouzhu) is the most famous scenic spot and the other well-known scenic spots are East and West Dongting Mountains, Three Mountain and Maji Mountain. The lake is renowned for its unique limestone formations. These Chinese scholar's rocks are often prized as a decorating material for the traditional Chinese garden, especially in areas such as Suzhou. When late spring and early summer come, the vast area of rapeseed will impress you if you pass by the banks of Taihu Lake. Taihu Lake is a pearl in South China and obtains quite a lot relics and historical places of interest.

Scientific studies suggest that the circular structure of Taihu Lake is the result of a meteor impact based on the discovery of shatter cones, shock metamorphosed quartz, microtektites, and shock metamorphic unloading fractures. The growing deltas of the Yangtze and Qiantang rivers eventually sealed off Lake Tai from the sea, and the influx of fresh water from rivers and rains turned Lake Tai into a freshwater lake. At the base of the lake you are able to take a boat and cross the lake to view all of the tourist spots when you travel to Taihu Lake.             Location: Wuxi Taihu Lake Scenic area             Opening hours: 7:00- 17:00         Tickets: CNY 105 (Yuantouzhu,including the ship fare; last ship is at 15:00)

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Name:Tai Lake Visiting Reply

What is the best way to visit Taihu Lake? Is there cruise or boat on the lake? How long it will take? Thanks.

Name:Re: Tai Lake Visiting

Boating seems to be a good choice for you to enjoy the Taihu Lake. There are many different cruises depending on different shore, theme, scenery and time. Shortest boating on Tai Lake costs only 45 minutes, while the longest one will be couple of hours.