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The Khazak Yurts, literally referred as domes in Khazak, are known as Pearls on the Prairie in the Xinjiang. The Khazak Yurts is not only easy to carry with but also sturdy and durable. The Khazak Yurts have lots of advantages which are cold-proof, rain-proof and anti-seismic features. The Khazak Yurts have been the favoraite residence of all kinds by the nomads. Because of the Khazak yurts are made with white felts and well-docorated inside, so people call the Khazak yurts as White Palace. The Khazak Yurt is an important invention by the Kazaka ancestors. The materials used for its construction

of the Khazak yurts are easily obtained. The latticework and spokes are of willow or poplar, and the felt blankets and straps are made from the wool of the sheep that is mainstay of the Kazakh economy. Different from the square-sectioned poles of the Mongol yurts, the latticework of the Khazak yurts is round-sectioned and connected all together by metal cord. The whole skeleton of the Khazak yurts is like a bird cage with all the curved ends of the spokes tied all together at the top of the latticework, while streight ones inserte into the ground. The skeleton then is coverd by large waterproof blankets from

outside. The Khazak yurt is roomy inside with mainly two basic sections. The entryway is dirty because it’s where the boots are taken off and kept before you step into the sitting room. The iron stove and stove pipe in the center of the Khazak yurt funnels the smoke out. The left side beside the entry of a Khazak yurt is the man’s domain where hangs all the horse paraphernalia, while the right side under the woman’s command which is the cooking area. The sleeping area is raised higher in the rear part of the yurt. The Khazak yurt is the brainchild of the Khazak people and is worthwhile to see when you travel to Xinjiang. Some guide information of the Khazak yurts
Location: on the prairie of Xinjiang          Contact number: +86 10 85968802

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Name:Overnights in Khazak Yurts Reply

We have our own tents when we’re in Xinjiang, but would like to try one overnight in a Khazak Yurt. Can you arrange it for us?

Name:Re: Overnights in Khazak Yurts

Yes, we could help you arrange safe clean Khazak yurt according to your request. It will be a fantastic experience living among local nomads