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The Karakuri Lake is located at the foot of the Muztagata Mountain, widely acclaimed as the Father of Glaciers. With a distance of 191 kilometers to Kashgar, the Karakuri Lake is 3,600 meters above sea level and has a total area of 10 square kilometers. With a depth of 30 meters, the water in the lake is dark blue, hence the name of Karakuri or "black lake". Surrounded by mountains, Karakuri Lake is a glacial and moraine lake and has many glaciers in the lake area. Moraines and ridges zigzag against the background of vast lush grass. Rippling lake water mirror the images of beautiful snow mountains, which creates a splendid view for travelers.

Karakuri Lake is a moraine-type of lake created by ice erosion. It is covered by white snow almost all year round. The silver mountains and green grass lands beside the lake are like the reflections in a mirror and form a charming picture that will make you appreciate the sublime grandeur of nature. The lake is surrounded by a series of mountains, such as Mount Muztagata and Kongur Shan. At the lakefront, there is grassland with roaming flocks and herds. At dawn, Karakuri Lake looks as pure as a jade mirror. When the sun rises, the lake changes colors in the course of a few minutes from mauve to golden and then to light pink. The snow-covered mountain, green grass and livestock form reflections in the mirror-like water, creating a fair and charming picture of Karakuri Lake.

At the lakeside, there are yurts and frame houses of Tajik ethnic group providing rooms and board for visitors. You can also go out on the small rafts and enjoy yourselves on the lake. A reception center near the lake facilitates rentals, yachts, camels, horses etc. in accordance with your needs. In addition, if you want to climb mountains, the encampment for mountaineering can allow you to fulfill your wish.

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Name:Karakuri Lake Reply

Why is Karakuri lake also name ‘black lake’?

Name:Re: Karakuri Lake

The colour of Karakuri Lake changes according to lights, weather, season, etc. Kara in Uygur language means black, and that’s where the name comes from.