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Tanggu Exotic Cargo Market Guide

-Travel to Tanggu Exotic Cargo Market

Tanggu Exotic Cargo Market, located on the western side of Hebei Road, attracts thousands of people to visit, both domestics and foreigners. There is a large range of Exotic cargos, about 30 different items, from big items like motors, domestic electric implements, cameras, videos, to small items like garments, shoes, caps, watches, and lighters. The Exotic cargos there are cheap, but with good quality. Guests can always find something precious and unique.

Tanggu is the frontier of the opening area of Tianjin, in which the Tianjin Port located, the developing zone built, and the policy of Free Trade is carried out. Enjoying so many advantages, Tanggu develops very fast. In 80s, Tanggu Exotic Cargo Market was just a small market with an area of 7000 square meters; now it has become a large and famous market covering an area of 50000 square meters, being the biggest Exotic Cargo Market in Northern China.

Tanggu is a very important port city in Nothern China. With an ideal location, it attracts much investment, so there are many large chemicals corporations and ocean oil exploration here. Also, it boasts the biggest man-made port in China--Tianjin Port. Aside from its prosperous industry, Tanggu is also a city with a long history and unique culture. The ancient relics found in the modern city make it charming and mysterious. The Dagu Emplacement and Chaoyin Temple are national protected cultural relics. With abundant water resource, the coastline is 91.2 kilometers with more than 55 kilometers of great beach. When summer comes, the beaches will be entirely filled up by people from all over the city.

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