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Tianjin Passenger Terminal Guide

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Xingang Passenger Terminal, the new Steel man-made Frame, located in the west of Bohai Gulf, is one of the most famous and busy Terminals in China. The Terminal has three berths for international large-scale cruises. It can take a annual reception for 20 international cruises and millions of guests all over the world. The terminal, covers and area of more than 60,000 square meters with the 449.5 meter shoreline, listed in the namelist of the Greatest 10 Ports in the world and has developed into a modern international Terminal. It is also the only passenger-port next to the sea in Northern China.

The passenger depot of Tianjin Port, with modern facilities, has two main buildings equipped with 9 waiting halls and rooms. To the west of the main building there is a booking hall to purchase tickets and a dining room. The excellent service provide by Tianjin Passenger Terminal extend warm welcomes and bring great helps to the guests who just get off the ship and land on Tianjin. It is, in some way, just like a window of Tianjin from which the passengers can have the first impression on this city.

Because of its proximity to Beijing, Tianjin may be a worthwhile side trip when traveling to Beijing. Train or coach are two most convenient means of transportation from Tianjin to Beijing, among which the fast train is the best choice. The guide to city travel or transfer, ship schedule… is available in the terminal. Tickets for domestic ship lines can be booked five days in advance, and those for international ship lines should be booked a month in advance. Please keep the Service Number: 022-25707550, for any case or consulate.

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Name:Xingang Passenger Terminal Reply

I will arrive in Tianjiang by a ship in March,2011. The ship will berth at this ternimal?

Name:Re: Xingang Passenger Terminal

Hi. All cruises arriving in Tianjin will berth at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port since June 26, 2010