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Wutong Mountain Park Guide

-Travel to Wutong Mountain Park

Wutong Mountain Park lie in the northeast of Luohu District and the Shenzhen reservoir located its root. The park total area covers 32 square kilometers and the highest peak is 943meters. Wutong Mountain is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen and have great natural landscape.
The routes to the mountain peak has been built in 1989 and been expended in every years. The broad road will be a gentle climb which could drive car. Besides, there are a number of roads could reach the top by step. Generally speaking, It need to prepared for a good 5 hours if you intend to go to the top and back on foot.

There are two peaks, Lesser Wutong where the Shenzhen TV Company has its handsome transmission tower, and Greater Wutong which is reached via the notoriously difficult Hero Slope (Hao Han Po). On a clear day, the views from the summit over Mirs Bay and the mountains of Hong Kong’s New Territories are indescribably beautiful. Night views over the city is wonderful too. It is free for ticket.

Start from Wutong village
A. The broad road: The most gentle road, which is wide enouth for two car pass. The Road end at the foot of Hero Slope (Hao Han Po). Thus if you want to the peak, it is necessary to climb on foot.
B. Wutong village - Wutong reservoir - Taishanjian- Hulu Pool - Peak: The entire route has well built steps. Less difficulty route.
C. Wutong village - Wutong reservoir - Centennial Trail - Peak: Standard difficulty route
D. Wutong village - Wutong reservoir - Taohuayuan - Peak: Some part of this route is beside the creek, thus it is little harder. Please do not choose this route at raining day. Hard difficulty route
E. Wutong village - Wutong reservoir - Mashuifeng - Lesser Wutong - Greater Wutong: This route will reach the lesser Wutong first which is different from those routes above. Standard difficulty route.

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