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Window of the World is another famous travel site in Shenzhen, which exhibit the replicas of the famous sites in the world. The park is located at the Overseas Chinese Town and all of the replicas here are built at ratios of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15. One day is plenty of time to see all of the replicas located at the park. You can visit the sites of several different countries all in one place. Some of the places that you can find are: the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Angkor Wat, the Pyramids, Sydney Opera House, Grand Canyon and New York City, among many many

others. Also, there are a number of adventure trips for you to choose in the Window of the World. For example, guests can imitate the ways of North American Indians and learn their hunting skills in the lush woods. Or, guests can navigate the famous Colorado River at the Grand Canyon. Even more exciting is to ski in this sub-tropical city, guests can enjoy the ski in the Indoor Alpine Ski Run in Shenzhen Window of the World, which provides around 4,000 square meters places to ski. Guests can wander in the park with a bottle of the beer and the pop music plays in

the park. Visiting during a festival time is another way to experience this replica park. Annually the park holds the Cherry Festival and the Indian Cultural Week. During the Cherry Festival, wandering in the cherry garden of Japan and taking a cup of tea will refresh you. Taking part in the entertainment activities complements your travel plan. Here’s some guide information in your travel of Window of the World: Address: Huaqiao city, Shenzhen District, Guangdong Province. Contact number: 0086-0755-26608000 Admission Fee:CNY120 Opening Hours: 09:00-22:30

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One of my friends visited there last year, and he enjoyed it very much. Now I’m travlling to Shenzhen next month, just looking forward to seeing it!

Name:Re:Window of the world

The Window of the World offers a perfect destination for one to have a look of all the major attractions/wonders of the world at one single place.A theme park designed to offer the most spectacular wonders of almost all the countries in one single ticket.It’s worth to see really!