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Yuelu Academy is a famous place for most youth travelers. The History Guide of Yuelu Academy introductions to describes the situation of education in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Yuelu Academy is the most ancient academy in China. It was established in the ninth year of Kaibao Period of North Song (976 AD). In 1015, it was famous for its stydy atmosphere and obliged the name by Emperor Zhen Zong. Walking through Song, Yuan,Ming,Qing Dynasties, it was changed to be Hunan University in 1926, with a history of more than one thousand years. It is called a rare “one thousand year insitiution of higher learning “ by modern scholars.

During the past 1,000 years of winds and rain, the academy was frequently renovated. Most of its present constructions were built during the Qing Dynasty. When visitor travel in The central lecture hall, which is the core constructions at the academy. A horizontal tablet with imperial inscriptions of Emperor Qianlong hangs in the front of the hall. A Lanshan Temple Tablet is stored in the stele pavilion to the ldft of the Yuelu Academy. Carved by Huan Xianhe in 730 during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), the tablet's inscriptions were composed and etched by the famous calligrapher Li Yong. The relic is revered for its three uniques, namely the article, handwriting and carving. The tablet is four meters high and 1.35 meters wide with over 1,400 inscribed characters. It holds an important position in Chinese calligraphic history.

The academy has witnessed more than a thousand years of history and is the only one of the ancient Chinese academies of Classical Learning to have evolved into a modern institution of higher learning. The historical transformation from Yuelu Academy to Hunan University can be seen as the epitome of the development of China's higher education, a change which mirrors the vicissitudes of education system in mainland China. As a part of Hunan University, today the academy is a center of publication and research of the ancient Chinese language, and is one of the most important academic and cultural centers in China.
How to travel in Yuelu Academy, Here are some guide information about Yuelu Academy. The detail is following:
Address: No.273 of Lushanlu, Yuelu District, Changsha
Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening hours: 07:30 a.m-18:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 731 88822352

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Name:Yuelu Academy Reply

I’m going to visit my friend who’s in Changcha studying. I want to se Yuelu Academy when I’m there. Where is it?

Name:Re: Yuelu Academy

Yuelu Academy is one of the four famous ancient Academy in China. It is in the east side of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha.