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The Window of the World Changsha Guide

-Travel to The Window of the World Changsha

Window of the World is located on the bank of Liuyang River, in the northeast suburb of Changsha, covering an area of 400 thousand square meters, with a total investment of 360 million yuan. It is the biggest cultural theme park in middle China. The Window of the World is situated beside a river and at the foot of a mountain. There are green plants everywhere, with the gardens in different style, which has added beauty and charm to the Window of World. There are more than 100 great interests all over the world in the park, which manifest the art historic and exotic atmosphere.

The German New Swan City, the Light House of Alexandria, Louver Glass Pyramid of France, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Kuwait Water Tower, which are with macro model, has demonstrated humanity’s great civilization. The Civilized Street, Civilized Mountain, International Business Street, Cowboy Street, Japan Garden and East Asia River & Lakes Village etc. are with various charming, and attract many people.

In addition, the Window of the World in Changsha also has various kinds of touring activities. The laser flame party made people feel convulse with which the modern science and technology brings. The artistic performance with the character of five continents demonstrated the various countries’ cultural characteristic. Everywhere is fascinating and completely relaxed.The Window of the World in Changsha has combined the magnificent of the World, historic site all over the world, the customs of all the countries, and all the artistic performance together, representing a splendid world to us.

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