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Victoria Peak is one of the most famous travel attractions, located in the mid-west in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, also called Mount Austin. It is estimated in 552 meters high and local citizens are used to call the peak of Victoria Peak as "The Peak". The area of The Peak refers to the neighborhood of The Peak Gondola. Specifically speaking, The Peak includes Victoria Peak, Kwun Lung Jiao, Qi Li Mount and Ge Fu Mount. The place below Victoria Peak is separated as Sheung Wan and Central which developed as the central commercial area.

Beause amazing scenery and the delightful weather, The Peak have attracted plenty of foreigners move here as their residence in Hong Kong. In 1888, The Victoria Peak started to operate and the fierce blaze in The Peak Gondola occurred in 1938. Without reconstruction, The Victoria Peak still became the terminal station of the bus. Until 1990, The Victoria Peak turned to be one of the most famous travel attractions. Here you may enjoy the scenery of Central and Victoria Bay. And you may have the pleasure of shopping in Ling Xiao Ge, the terminal station of The Peak Gondola.

If you want to have a really the beautiful view of HongKong, Viewing Hong Kong at night is a must! The panoramic vista is one of the most beautiful night scenes in the world so a visit to the Lion Pavilion on the peak is a must. Standing upon the pavilion and overlooking the Victoria Bay and the Kowloon Peninsula, a spectacular night view will unfold in front of your eyes. The Victoria Harbor is one of the busiest harbor in the world and has a contant ebb and flow of shipping all year round. There is a famous building located there which is The Bank of China Tower, with 72 stories soars skyward and is designed by an American-born Chinese architect Bei Yuming (Ieoh Ming Pei); with the bamboo-shaped outlook of the tower symbolizing that the Bank of China aspires to get better and better. The Central Plaza is a reinforced concrete building with 78 stories.

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Is there tram on Victoria Peak?

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The tram ride is great but scary at times. If you go in the afternoon, it is best to get the bus up and get the tram down as the queues are long!