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Primarily an upmarket residential area, sun-drenched Repulse Bay has a relaxed resort-like atmosphere. The wide, wave-lapped beach is popular with locals and visitors alike and great for sandy strolls in the early morning when the sun is up and the sunbathers are out in force, or at sunset when all is at peace.
This crescent-shaped stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. The beach features a lifeguard clubhouse built in traditional Chinese style. Its ceiling is decorated with magnificent swirling dragons. Towering twin statues of Kwun Yum and Tin Hau, both protectors of fishermen dominate the picturesque gardens that lead down to the beach.

The nearby colonial-style, The Repulse Bay, houses designer shops and award-winning restaurants and resembles the luxury hotel built in 1920 that originally occupied the site. Most of the grounds were redeveloped into luxury apartments more than 20 years ago. Only the original arcade remains.
Additionally, you may go to the Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay or South Bay, if time is not so pressing. They are all prefect bathing beaches, not far from the Repulse Bay.

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I’m travelling to Hong Kong next week, too many to see there, do u recommend Repulse Bay?

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Repulse Bay is the most famous and popular beach in Hong Kong. It's Chinese name is "Shallow Water Bay", which is an apt description - the slope is gentle. The whole area is very scenic, and a "must see" if you're in Hong Kong.