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The Baidi Castle is situated in the north bank of the Yangtze, the Baidi Castle is also called “the Castle of Poet” in histories. This castle, originally named “the Ziyang Castle”, was built by Gongsun Shu of the Xinmang Period when he set up a separatist regime by force of arms in Sichuan. It’s said that a well in the castle spayed white vapor, and the vapor flied over like a white  dragon to the sky, and Gongsun Shu lorded himself “the White King” (Baidi), and renamed the city as “Baidi Castle”. After Gongsun Shu was killed by Liu Xiu, the Emperor Guangwu of the East Han Dynasty, there built a temple named “Baidi Temple”. However, the real story made this place famous around the world is another one happened in the Three Kingdoms period. The King of Shu, Liu Bei entrusted his son to the care of the primer minister before death. Now, the reserved water will make the castle surrounded by the water, and then you can imagine and experience such magical scenery.

Since the water level has risen due to the Three Gorges Dam Project, Baidi City has become an isolated island surrounded with water. In order to facilitate tourist to visit this ancient temple, a wind-rain bridge has been built at the foot of Baidi City. Also, a dock was built for visitors to visit the ancient emplacement, cliff-side inscriptions and other attractions by boat.

There are some spots among the Badi Castel Mingliang Palace is one of them. Mingliang Palace is where the statue of Gongsun Shu was once sacrificed by the people. In the Ming Dynasty, the stature was replaced by those of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhangfei and Zhuge Liang. GuanxingTing is another one. It is the place where Zhuge Liang observed the stars and developed the tactic of using arms.In Baidi Temple, some ancient architectures can be seen.

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