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Chongqing Zoo is the largest zoo in southwest of China, boosting over 1000 birds and 170 species of animals, including the charming giant panda, golden hair monkeys, and exotic tigers from South China. According to The Guide Map of Zoo, there are many kind of animal cage in the different part of the Zoo. In particular, the panda bear, considered as a "national treasure" of China, is in danger of extinction. Today, there are less than 1,000 pandas living in the world; the Chongqing Zoo is dedicated to providing giant pandas and their offspring a comfortable environment in order to preserve the survival of the species. Visitors can also take photos of the pandas in the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding of the zoo. Currently, the new Nanping breeding base for endangered animals is under construction. Children's theme park, rink, stage, reading rooms, and restaurants will be opened every day.

Pandas are most popular among of that. In the Panda Ground at the foot of a hill and by a little stream, visitors can see charmingly native giant and lesser pandas and their offspring. Visitors can actually play with them and take pictures with them. The zoo received more than 1 million visitors every year. And the zoo is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The nature scene is a great treasure.

Although there are panda breeding centers in the northern suburbs and Wolong area, Chongqing Zoo is also a good choice for you to see pandas and red pandas. The best time to see pandas is during feeding-between 8:30 and 10:30am. If the pandas are not out, you can ask the zoo warden if he will feed them. Maybe the warden will be your best tour guide for Panda’s House. Scientists aren't sure how long giant pandas live in the wild, but they are sure it's shorter than life spans in zoos. Chinese scientists have reported zoo pandas as old as 35. Cub pandas are under 1 year old, Sub-adults 3-5 in general, adults more than 5 years old in general.
How to travel in Chongqing Zoo, Here are some guide information about Chongqing Zoo. The detail is following:
Address: Xijiaolu of Jiulongpo District, Chongqing
Admission Fee: 20RMB for p.p
Opening hours:08:00a.m-16:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 23 68422285

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