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The Statue of fisher girl has become the landmark in the city of Zhuhai. It is located at the scenic spot of Xianglu Bay. The girl holds a pearl high in the air with both hands in an elegant pose, admiring its bright luster that also symbolizes the brightness of Zhuhai. The statue is composed of granite and stands at 8.7 meters high and weighing 10 tons. The legend has it that a beautiful fairy maiden descended to earth one day and fell in love with the beauty of the land. Reluctant to return, she turned herself into a fisher girl, weaving nets and searching for precious pearls to earn a living.

You may ask why this statue is so famed. If you want to get the answer, please read the following legend. Long long ago, there was a fairy maiden, she was attracted by the beautiful scenery of Xianglu bay, and she decided to descend to the earth so that she could enjoy the entire wonderful scenery. She explained the origin of the bracelet tearfully: before she descended to the earth, she was the South Sea Dragon King’s daughter, her father arranged eight mistresses to avoid her escape, and every mistress gave her a bracelet, she would die if she even removed one. However, Haipeng thought it was a lie and turned to leave.

Soon she fell in love with a man named Hai Peng. Not long after, however, he believed some fabricated rumors and asked the girl for the bracelet she wore as proof of her love. Although she knew she would die if the bracelet were removed from her hand, she still presented the bracelet as proof of her deep love. The girl died and the fisherman was bitterly remorseful, crying day and night. An Immortal named Jiuzhou Elder was moved by their love and helped the young man to resuscitate the girl. They offered this huge precious pearl to their benefactor during their marriage ceremony as a token of their appreciation for his kindness.

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Name:Seeing Statue of Fisher Girl Reply

My family (8 person, 4 adult & 4 children 4,6,9,10) plan to have one day trip to Zhuhai from Macau. We want to see Fisher girl Statue, Meixi village. Is it a long way from Statue of Fisher Girl to Meixi village?

Name:Re: Seeing Statue of Fisher Girl

Hi, Fisher girl Statue and Meixi village are not near by. It wil take you about 40 minutes if by taxi.