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Mt. Tai is the most famous of the ' Five Sacred Mountains' in China and is located near the cities of Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo in Shandong Province. This mountain, in 1987, it was listed by the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. The main peak of the mountain on the Guide map of Mount Tai, Jade Emperor Summit, is over 1,500 meters high. One of the first things an emperor did when he ascended the throne, in ancient times, was to climb Mt. Tai and pray to the heavens and Earth to their ancestors. It has been noted that 72 emperors have made pilgrimages to Mt. Tai. Because of this tradition, Mt. Tai has become very popular and the mountain now has several temples, stone tablets and stone inscriptions. Buddhism and Taoism are also important due to role they play at Mt. Tai.

Mount Tai is well known for its spectacular, grandness, elevation, width, steadiness and massiness. The typical character of natural scenery of Mount Tai is imposing, steepy, surprising, serene, secluded, profound, and spacious. The picturesque of the Mount Tai has various sceneries like cragged cliff, deep canyon and gorge, grotesque peak and strange rocks, luxuriant vegetation and the flowing springs and twittering birds…. The mountain also has the unique marvelous wonders: the rising sun at dawn, the jade plate of sea of clouds, the aura appearing around Bixia Temple,

rosy clouds at sunset etc.There are several points of interest to see while hiking up to the top of Mt. Tai. There are several scriptures along the hike up the mountain, Red Gate Palace, Azure Cloud Temple and many others. The natural scenery here is also very beautiful and the air is very clean. There are several different rock formations, along with the view of looking out at other peaks provides a breathtaking experience that is worth the steep hike up to the top.
How to travel in Mount Tai, Here are some guide information about Mount Tai. The detail is following:
Address: Taishan Area, Taian City, Shandong
Admission Fee: 125RMB for p.p
Opening hours: 07:30 a.m-18:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 538 8224451

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I like natural scenery. Is there any nice natural travel sites surrounding Taian?

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I think that Mountain Tai may satisfy you needs. Mt. Tai is one of the most famous ' Five Sacred Mountains' in China. Our travel agency can provide Mt.Tai tour. If you need our service, welcome to contact us.