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China Yangtze River Cruise Tour can provide you an opportunity to have a deep understanding of the first river of China in person. During the tours, you will feast your eyes with the mighty Three Gorges Dams and the other famous sites besides the rivers and enjoy the life on the cruise. Yangtze River is the largest and longest river in China, and also the third-longest in the world. With clear water and both banks blanketed with trees, the Three Gorges have many historical sites, scenic spots and lovely legends. The huge Dam under constuction offers visitors a new look amidst the precipitous gorges.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of land life, why not take a cruise on Yangtze River and Three Gorges and add the unique beautiful sceneries there into your life-time experience. We provide Yangtze River Cruise tour packages with biggest variety of ships, top experience and lowest price for you to choose. A Yangtze River Cruise tour will take you through the cradle of China, while giving you the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. Cruising along the river, you will have the illusion that you are touring through the history of thousands years. Join the shore excursions and seek out the fascinating lifestyle of the people. Discover the cities and attractions along the Yangtze River cuise tour for yourself.

Yangtze Cruise Tours Start in Beijing

  • 9-Day Three Gorges Cruise Tours
  • Code:TOC421
  • From:USD1150
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Yangtze River (Chingqing-Yichang), Shanghai. The Yangtze River a spectacular section of China's longest river, w...
  • 11-Day Historic Yangtze River Trips
  • Code:TOC422
  • From:USD1230
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Yangtze River (Chingqing-Yichang), Shanghai. This 11-Day Yangtze River Cruise Tour not only shows you the ...
  • 13-Day Golden Yangtze Cruise Tours
  • Code:TOC423
  • From:USD1575
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangtze River (Chingqing-Yichang), Shanghai. This is a well-paced tour combines capital Beijing, h...
  • 21-Day Panoramic Yangtze Cruise
  • Code:TOC424
  • From:USD3470
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Chengdu, Yangtze River Cruise (Chingqing-Yichang), Shanghai, Guilin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong. This a h...

Yangtze Cruise Tours Start in Guangzhou

  • 11-Day Absolute Yangtze River Tours
  • Code:TOC432
  • From:USD1370
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Guangzhou, Yangtze River (Chingqing-Yichang), Shanghai, Beijing. With remarkable and unique characters of these three mos...

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Name:Yantze River Cruise Tour Reply

There are at least two and possibly four that would like to take the Delux class 9 day Yangtze River cruise tours of Beihing-chongqing-cruise-yichang-shanghi tour beginning June 5 and ending June 13. Is this available?

Name:Re: Yantze River Cruise Tour

Yes, this Yantze River Cruise Tour is available. Please refer to our webpage for the itinerary and quotation. Feel free to let us know if you are going to proceed on booking this cruise tour.

Name:Yangtze Tour Reply

Hello, My husband and I would like to take a Yangtze tour commencing on October 17th at Chongqing, ending on October 20th at Yichang. Are you able to provide a quote for this tour please and find a flight, please. Thank you for your consideration Julie Jones