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The Dragon Cruise ship is a standard five-star cruise ship and the only Yangtze River Cruise that possesses the strongest Chinese characteristics of all the ships sailing on the Yangtze River. The Dragon Cruise as its name looks like a dragon, the national symbol of Chinese people and their spirit. The Dragon Cruise, Qianlong, has a Chinese imperial style layout with the dragon being the key motif throughout the ship. The unique dragon-looking cruise ship hull strongly reflects the "Kangxi and Qianlong", current affairs and customs, and is first choice for the overseas cruisers to learn about the ancient Chinese culture. The excellent food, beautiful accommodations and excellent service formerly available only to the royal family make a voyage on the Qianlong reminiscent of the life style and luxury the emperors enjoyed during the most prosperous periods of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The design of the Dragon Cruise ship combines the exquisite taste of the Han with the boldness of the Manch through carved beams, painted rafters, winding corridors, marble railings and golden sculptures. The ancient looking Dragon Cruise is equipped with world advanced modern facilities, such as ballroom, Karaoke, bar, cafe, sauna and massage, chess and card room, reading room, gym and so on.. The independent private viewing balcony in every cabin allows you to indulge yourself in the stunning scenery of the Three Gorges. The well-trained and Qing Dynasty costume dressed crew and staff on the Dragon Cruise, Qianlong, are all familiar with Qing Court life and ordinary people's needs. They dress in Qing Dynasty costumes and serve passengers with the utmost care. They can fully enjoy this taste of the luxurious life once enjoyed by the imperial family. Above is the brief introduction of the "Dragon Cruise" ships on the Yangtze River. For the booking and reservation details, please feel free to contact us

  • Length:103.84m
  • Width:16m
  • Passengers:218
  • Crew:127
  • Speed:28km/h
  • Latest Renewed: 2006
  • Draft: 2.7m
  • Presidential Suites: 2
  • Standard Rooms:101
  • Singel Rooms: /
  • Deluxe Suites: 6
  • Construction Completed2006
  • Price and Sailing Date
  • Down Stream Itinerary
  • Up Stream Itinerary
  • Facilities
Cruise Low season priceHigh season price
  Itinerary of Dragon,5 days / 4 nights Upstream (Yichang / Chongqing)
  (B-Buffet Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner)
Day1The cruise ship set sail from Yichang City at 21:00
Day2Passing through Three Gorges Dam (B/L/D)
Sail through Three Gorges shiplock and Xiling Gorge
Day3Shore excursion to Daning River Small Gorges or Shennong Stream (B/L/D)
Passing through Wu Gorge/Qutang Gorge
Day4Shore excursion to the Fengdu pagoda (B/L/D)
Day5 Disembarkation at Chongqing City at 09:00 (B)
Itineraries and times are subject to change according to river conditions.
Central Air-condition, Closed- circuit Television, Acoustics, Chinese Specialties, Western-style Delights, Tea Corner, Movie Screen Hall, Bar, Dancing Hall, Karioke, Business Center, Beauty Salon Parlor, Sauna, Massage Service, Spa, Laundry and Sightseeing Platform.
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User Comments

Name:Dragon Cruise Reply

I’ll be arriving in Chongqing Airport next August. How could I get to the pier to take Dragon Cruise by public transportation? Also I want to do a little tour in the city before boarding.

Name:Re: Dragon Cruise

There’s no bus directly to thr pier where you can board on the Dragon Cruise. We could provide guide and car rental service for you, if needed.

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