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Xining, as one of the famous cities on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau northwest of China, is the capital city of Qinghai province with the average altitude of 2275 M. The city enjoys the continental highland semi-arid climate with abundant sunshine and high-levels of ultra-violet radiation there. The annual average temperature of the city is 5 degrees celsius with the annual precipitation 400 mm. Summer is the best time to visit Xining, since the highest temperature is only 26 degrees celsius in summer, which leaves the guests a memory as

the highest summer resort in China. Also, guests can seldomly see the insects in Xining, such as: flies and mosquitos, guests do not need to sleep in the mosquito net in summer. But, guests need to wear thick clothes and sleep in a thick quilt in the evening due to the temperature fluctuates widely between days and nights. January is the coldest month in Xining and the temperature drops to only -10 degrees celsius there. With the unique geographic location and high altitude, Xining is regarded as the best place to travel and live due to its cozy climate without severe winter and hot summer.

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Is the sunshine too much in August in Xining? I'm thinking about taking a trip there next year. How is the weather in Xining? Temperature?

Name:Re: Xining Weather

The weather is not too hot in August in Xining, but the temperature difference is big, so a coat will be necessary. And the sunshine is strong, if don't want to get burned by ultraviolets, better take some suncreams.