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Urumqi is situated on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, deemed as the most inland city and the city furthest from the ocean. Featuring a beautiful land of the lush pastures, mountains, rivers, lakes and minorities, with an average elevation of 800 meters, Urumqi enjoys a continental climate with the exceptionally bad weather in winter and warm days and cool evening in summer. The temperature in Urumqi fluctuates greatly between day and night. Because of its geographical location and continental climate, Urumqi is extremely dry. Spring and autumn are short while winter

and summer are long.As a rule, the best time to travel Urumqi is the grape harvest season, namely July, August and September. Spring in Urumqi is refreshing but a little cold. It snows occasionally. Urumqi is an ideal place for a summer holiday when the average downtown temperature is about 23 C (about 73.4 F). Autumn is a golden season of fruit harvests. Snow is common in winter in Urumqi. It's the low season, less crowded and cheap to travel.

Details of Urumqi weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage High( F)Average High ( C)Average Low ( F)Average Low ( C)Rain(in)Rain(mm)

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What is the best season to travel Urumqi?

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Urumqi belongs to temperate semi-arid continental climate, with annual average temperature 7.3 ℃, annual average precipitation 236 mm, annual average sunshine 2775 hours, frost-free period for the 105--168 days. Spring and autumn are shorter, winter and summer are longer. Best Travel Time: spring and autumn.