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In fact, the Tibetan climate is not as harsh as many people imagine it to be. It is suitable for travel to Tibet from April to the beginning of November, and the best time is August and September. But if you only stay in Lhasa, you can go there anytime of the year. Shegar is a new Chinese commune built at the foot of the ruins of Shegar Dzong. Its importance lies in the fact that it is the Center of this large and remote country and it is the diversion point from where expeditions to Mt. Kailash and other peaks are launched. Shegar, with an average altitude of 4316 meters and regarded as the city of sunlight, has the semi-arid plateau monsoon climate, with rich

sunshine and without severe winters or hot summers. The annual average temperature is 7.4ºC, rainfall is 500 millimeters and sunshine-time accounts for 2900 hours annually. Along the Friendship highway is basically in good conditions year around. But from December to February, the thawed road could make some trouble. Try to avoid August - landslide could happen in the rainy season.

Details of Shegar weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage High( F)Average High ( C)Average Low ( F)Average Low ( C)Rain(in)Rain(mm)

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Name:Shegar Weather Reply

What's the weather like in Shegar? We want to visit some Shagar Monasteries in March or April as my parents are dedicated Tibetan Buddhists. I'm preparing for their trip, so would like to get some weather and temperature information as much as possible. Thanks.

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The weather is getting better in Shegar when March approaches. The temperatures's getting warmer. In fact, the weather in Shegar is getting warmer for tourists, but the temperature differences between night and day are still wide.