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Located to the west of the estuary of Pearl River (Zhujiang), between mainland China and the Southern China Sea, just south of the tropic of cancer, Macau has a tropical monsoon climate influenced greatly by oceans. The cold Northeast Monsoon from China's mainland and the Southeast and Southwest Monsoons from the ocean dominate this region by turns and therefore Macau's climate has the features of both continent and ocean climates. The average annual temperature in Macau is about 22 C and there are about 100 days with high temperature over 30 C. January to February is the coldest period in Macau when the cold air from Siberia

going down via the northern continent and arriving at the peninsular. Beginning in May, Macau's summer season usually lasts through September. The extreme high temperatures and heavy humidity bring many rainstorms, thunderstorms and even disastrous waterspouts. The months from July to September might be filled with frequent cyclones. Travelers should attempt to avoid the typhoon season and stay at home when storms and cyclones come. T-shirt and light cottons are suitable for the hot and humid days and raingear is an additional must.

Details of Macau weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
Average DataJanFebMarAprMayJune
Rain (in)0.8/0.91.5/1.72.3/2.45.6/5.78.4/8.59.3/9.4
Rain (mm) 20/2540/4560/65140/146210/215234/240
Average DataJulyAugSepOctNovDec
Rain (in)8.5/8.710.0/10.1<0.12.9/3.01.0/1.10.8/0.9
Rain (mm) 215/220250/255<570/7625/3020/25

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Name:Macau Weather Reply

I will be visiting macau in January, what's the best outfit can I wear? Is it winter, and very cold there at this time? Thanks.

Name:Re: Macau Weather

Thanks for your inquiry. The general temperature in January in Macau is about 5 degree Celsius. It’s not very cold at that time. I suggest bringing the fall clothes, like the long-sleeves clothes, jacket. Hope this helps.