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Jiuzhaigou is not only famous for its beauty but also its pleasant weather. The average temperature in Jiuzhaigou is from 9 to 18 centigrade. The altitude of Jiuzhaigou Valley is 3000 meters. It belongs to the moisture plateau climate. It has snow at the peaks of those hills at Jiuzhaigou Valley through the whole year. The temperature in spring is 9ºC ~ 18ºC. Before April, there is frozen soil and snow.In summer, the temperature is stable beteen 19ºC and 22ºC. But it is still a little cold at summer nights. So it is better to prepare a flimsy sweater at that time. In fall, it is very comfortable and pleasant. The temperature is 7ºC ~ 18 ºC. But the temperature

changes quickly from daytimes to nights. After October, the soil becomes frozen. In winter, it is quite chilly. The temperature is about 0℃. The rainfall in Jiuzhaigou is very little but concentrative. July and August are the two typical rain seasons. From April to November is the best season to visit Jiuzhaigou. The busy time at Jiuzhaigou is the National Day and the Spring Festival. The traditional busy season at Jiuzhaigou Valley is every July to October.

Details of Jiuzhaigou weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage TemperatureAverage High ( C)Average Low ( C)Rain(mm)

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User Comments

Name:Jiuzhaigou Weather in March Reply

Dear Sir, Is it good to travel to Juizhaigou in the 3rd week of March. Mar 20-27. What's the weather there then?

Name:Re:Jiuzhaigou Weather in March

Hi, Actually, the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is from April to November. Autumn is the best season to travel. Normally, the temperature in spring is 9oC ~ 18oC. somewhere still have frozen soil and snow before April. So if you are going there in March, flimsy sweater is needed. However the good side is, fewer people there then.

Name:Jiuzhaigou Weather Reply

We will go to Jiuzhaigou at 10 - 19 September 2010, what is season in jiuzhaigou? How is the temperature? What is preparation that we must prepare ? Thanks you so much.

Name:Re: Jiuzhaigou Weather

The weather of Jiuzhaigou is very comfortable and pleasant in September. The temperature is 9oC ~ 19oC. But the temperature changes quickly from daytimes to nights. Every July to October is the high season of Jiuzhaigou, so get ready for the crowds.

Name:Jiuzhaigou Weather Reply

What is the clothing preparation to Jiuzhaigou from 13 - 21 December, what is weather in jiuzhaigou? How is the temperature? Many Many Thanks to You.

Name:Re: Jiuzhaigou Weather

Thanks for your inquiry! The weather in Jiuzhaigou in Dec is very cold. It is about -3 degree Celsius on average. The down jacket or any thick clothes are necessary. Hope it helps. If you need our tour service, welcome to contact us.

Name:Jiuzhaigou Weather Reply

We will be visiting Juizhaigou in May, 17th through 24th. Do we need to bring heavy jacket? Is it a good time to see the waterfalls and the cascade ponds? Thanks you!

Name:Re:Jiuzhaigou Weather

Hello. The average temperature in the middle May in Jiuzhaigou is 15?. So you just do not need to take heavy jacket. But there are lots of rain in May in Jiuzhaigou, so maybe you can take some rain coats and umbrellas with you when you have a visit to Jiuzhaigou. You can have a better view of the waterfalls. By the way, hope you have a good day in Jiuzhaigou.

Name:Jiuzhaigou weather Reply

HI, can I ask the weather from 8 NOV on wards, need to bring heavy jacket? what is the temperature right now?

Name:Re: Jiuzhaigou weather

Thanks for your inquiry. The average temperature of Jiuzhaigou in Novermber is 11 ºC. So you'd better take some heavy clothes with you.

Name:jiuzhaigoou weather Reply

Hi, I am in Jiuzhaigou next week,on 16th,december. What is the temperature at that time. I hear that it is -12oC. Is it snowing now?. Thank you so much.

Name:jiuzhaigoou weather

Thanks for asking. In December, the difference in temperature of Jiuzhaigou is great, so you need bring heavy clothes. You may have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful snow scene there.