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Despite having a sub-tropical climate, Hong Kong does have four distinct seasons, with the annual average temperature of 22.8ºC. The spring time can be warm and pleasant, or can bring fog and even black rainstorm sometimes. Summers are hot and humid with the rainy season running from June to August. The temperatures then generally remain around 28ºC (82.4ºF) with high humidity. The fall has light rainfall and low humidity. Winter (mid-December-February) is cool and dry with the average temperature of 17ºC (62.6ºF),

but nevertheless mild. Snow is never heard of in Hong Kong. Crisp, clear skies with little rain, do make winter the best time to visit Hong Kong. Plus, Christmas and Chinese New Year both fall in this period when department stores have big sales. T-Shirt and shorts are available for most of the season and waterproofing is advisable during summer rains. Lightweight clothing is for warm months like spring and fall, while in winter you need a wool sweater and heavy coat. Severe weather phenomena that can affect Hong Kong include Typhoon and tropical cyclones during July to September, so please check the weather ahead of time.

Details of Hong kong weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage High( F)Average High ( C)Average Low ( F)Average Low ( C)Rain(in)Rain(mm)
August87/9030/3279/8226/2814.8/14.9 375/380

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Name:Hongkong Weather Reply

I will be in Hongkong on February. what is the weather like?

Name:Re: Hongkong Weather

It is chilly in February in Kongkong. The general temperature ranges from 13 degree to 20 degree Celsius. It is warm during the day, so airy base layer - shorts, short-sleeve shirts are just ok. But it’s better to bring a thin jacket in case of the cooler temperature in early morning and evening.

Name:Hong Kong weather Reply

We will be in Hong Kong on March 19-22. What is the weather on those days? Thank you!

Name:Re: Hong Kong weather

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for your inquiry. Here I’d like to answer your question. Hong Kong is located in southern China and it is the subtropical monsoon climate, the average temperature is 13?. If you will be Hong Kong at March, you’d better take some light coat with you to keep warm. Hope this can be helpful.