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Erdos, also Ordos, can be roughly divided into hilly and gully regions in the east, high plateaus in the west and center, Kubuqi desert in the north, Maowusu Desert in the south, and plains at the southern bank of the Yellow River. The altitude is between 2,149m and 850m. Erdos has a typial temperate continental climate with clear four seasons and abundant sunshine. The annual average temperatures of Erdos are between 5.3ºC-8.7ºC, with the lowest between –10ºC-13ºC and 21ºC-25ºC in July. Rainfalls in Erdos are

infrequent and mainly concentrate on the period between July and September. The annual rainfall of Erdos is 300-400mm in the eastern part and 190-350mm in the western part. Spring is the season often blowing sand and dust storm. Summer and autumn are the best seasons to Ordos for the weather is cool and the dust storm is slight. The neccessities when you plan to visit Ordos would be sunglasses, wind-proof jacket, mosquito-repellent, veils and be prepared of the tough weather.

Details of Erdos weather forecast, such as the average, maximum and minimum statistics of temperatures and rainfalls
MonthAverage High( F)Average High ( C)Average Low ( F)Average Low ( C)Rain(in)Rain(mm)

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Name:Erdos Weather Reply

I will go to Erdos for Mongol Nadam Fair from 25th to 31st, July. What's the weather?

Name:Re: Erdos Weather

It is very hot during that period in Erdos. The average temperature can reach 31℃, so please watch out for the heat when you are in Erdos.