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Tibet Travel Permit

QUESTION: Do you know how many official documents will the foreign visitors need to apply for before the travel in Tibet?
ANSWER: For the foreign visitors, they need to apply for FOUR official documents in total if they want to travel in Tibet without any restriction.
(A) Passport and Visa
For the guests who want to visit Tibet, you need to hold a passport valid for at least 6 months. Also, you need to apply for a valid visa issued by the Chinese Embassy. If the guest enters into Tibet from Nepal, you need to require a separate visa issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.
(B) Tibet Tourism Bureau (T.T.B.) Permit
Tibet Tourism Bureau (T.T.B.) Permit, known as the Tibet Travel Permit by the local people, is an official document for the foreign visitors comes to visit Lhasa and other cities in Tibetan Autonomous Region. Due to the restriction of the numbers of foreign visitors, Tibet Tourism Bureau officially issued the permit to the foreign guests who will travel in Tibet. Today, virtually, no foreign visitor can visit Tibet without holding the Tibet Travel Permit in their hands.

(1) For the foreign visitors, if you want to have a tour of the mysterious Tibet area from other cities of China, we can help you to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit after you confirm to take the tour with us. Also, you need to provide us all the detailed and exact information and documents to us as we listed below at least one month before the tour starts.
1/ Full Name (all exactly the same with your passport), 2/ Gender, 3/ Date of Birth, 4/ Nationality, 5/ Passport Number. Besides these, you also need to let us know your Profession or Occupation, since journalists and people who involve in the political matters need more complicated procedures to apply for the permit.
(2) For the guests who want to enter into Tibet from Nepal, they can get a copy of the Tibet Travel Permit at least 2 days after you apply for it at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.
When the guests arrive in Lhasa, the local tour guide will give you the original version of the Tibet Travel Permit and guests need to collect it and keep it in safety.
(C) Public Security Bureau (P.S.B.) Permit
Public Security Bureau (P.S.B.) Permit or Travel Permit, officially issued by the Foreign Affairs Section of Public Security Bureau in Tibet, is an important document for the foreign visitors who want to visit the restrict areas in Tibet. To get the permit, guests need to book the Tibet tour includes a local guide and a transfer service with a licensed travel agency, because no agency can be allowed to provide the "Permit-Only" service there. Your local guide in Lhasa can help you to obtain the permit when you arrive in the city.

Guests need to provide the valid passports and Tibet Travel Permit to the Foreign Affairs Section of Public Security Bureau and wait there for a few hours to get the permit.
Here is the list of the areas that you need to apply for the P.S.B. Permit when you plan to visit the restrict places in Tibet:
(1) Chamdo Region: Chamdo, Riwoche, Tengchen
(2) Gyangtse: Palkor Chode Monastery & Kubum Stupa
(3) Lhokha: Samye Monastery, Tomb of Tibetan King, Trandruk Monastery, Yumbu Lhakang
(4) Ngari Region: Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Tsaparang
(5) Nyingchi Region: Basumtso Lake, Pomi, Rawo-tso
(6) Shigatse: Sagya Monastery, the Mt. Everest, Rongbuk Monastery
(D) Military Permit
For the foreign guests who want to visit military sensitive areas in Tibet, such as: Nagqu, Ngari and Nyingchi, they need to apply for the Military Permit, which is officially issued by the Military Office in Lhasa. You need to provide the original passport to the office and wait for around 1-2 week days to get the official permit.

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Name:Tibet Entry Permits Reply

Hi, I would like to enquire about entry into Tibet from China. Do I have to apply for the TTB via any specific tour agent company in Beijing? I read that I should purchase the train tickets into Tibet from Beijing together with the Tibet Visa to avoid any inconveniences upon arrival. Please advice! Looking forward to your reply. Regards Yin Ying

Name:Re: Tibet Entry Permits

It is the best and most convenient way to find a Chinese travel agency to help you with the Tibet Travel Permit. We provide TTB applying service for our clients. However, the service of TTB applying can be only included when you join any of our tibet tour. The Beijing-Tibet Train ticket(sleeping berth) is very hard to get. Please prepare for that in advance.

Name:Tibet Entry Permits Reply

Hi, My husband was born in Tibet but now holds a New Zealand Passport. He has a visa for China and is planning to fly to Chengdu then up to Lhasa along with two other people. Are you able to facilitate obtaining a permit for Tibet? And if so, how long will it take and what do you need from us? Many thanks.

Name:Re: Tibet Entry Permits

Hi, we only help the tourists who join in our Tibet tours to apply Tibet Visa. For the detailed information and all the documents you need to obtain a permit to Tibet, please refer to our column of Tibet Entry Permits. Feel free to contact us if you need any Tibet travel service.

Name:Tibet Entry Permits Reply

If I get a visa to visit Tibet and a TTB Permit, how long can I stay in Tibet?

Name:Tibet Entry Permits Reply

Hello Im going to be in Shangai in november and I have bought my flight tickets to Lahsa via Xiaan (22/11) and then depart from Lahsa to Xiaan (24/11). I wonder if I can get your tour for my wife and me.

Name:Re: Tibet Entry Permits

Dear Carlos, Thank you for your inquiry and it's our honor to provide excellent travel service for you. Before you visit Tibet, you need to get the TTP (Tibet Travel Permit) from Chinese Bureau. To apply for your TTP, we need the information:(1) Name in full(2) Sex(3) Date of Birth(4) Profession or Occupation(5) Nationality(6) Passport No.(7) the copies of your passport and chinese Visa. The detail is in this website, please check! http://www.itourbeijing.com/china-visa/tibet-travel-permit.htm From your time to see, it seems that it' s too late to get the TTP before you go there, as it needs at least 7 days to apply for that. So, probably you’d better to change a time to visit. Best Regards, Linda

Name:Tibet Entry Permits Reply

Hi i'm hoping to travel to Tibet and wandered if it is possible to get a PSB permit without joining an organised tour as i wish to go to Lhasa and decide there which tours i want to go on. Though i want to travel in the Lhasa region also to see Mt Kailash. Thank you for your help ands advice in advance.

Name:Re:Tibet Entry Permits

Hello,thanks for your inquiry. According to the regulation in our company at present, the guests for whom we provided Tibet Travel Permit have to take Tibet tours with us. It's a pity that we couldn't help. But I suggest that it would be better to organize your Tibet tour in advance, as this complies with the regulation in Tibet.

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