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Zhangjiagang, located at the south bank of the Yangtze river, known as the golden waterways, is adjacent to Shanghai to the east, connects with the city of Suzhou to the south, borders on the city of Wuxi to the west and is separated from the city of Nantong by the Yangtze river. It is a newly-born harbor city in the Shanghai economic zone of the Yangtze river delta. Zhangjiagang has an area of 999 sq.kms and a population of 860000. It administers 8 subordinated township and 1 administrative division. Besides, Zhangjiagang port, which is the famous international port along the Yangtze river and the Zhangjiagang bonded area also belongs to the city.Enjoying its long history, Zhangjiagang is the place where Wu culture originated. But it differs from north to south. The south area is the stretches of the Taihu plain and has a longer history and civilization than that of the north. So the southern part of it has been recorded to the history more. In the western Jin dynasty, a county names Ji yang was established here. In 1986, the county altered to city, named after the well-known international business port Zhangjiagang as it was.Zhangjiagang was also known as the city of producing eminent persons. In recent years, Zhangjiagang has made every possible efforts to built its infrastructure construction and the related tourist facilities and launched the walking street, gym, library and the activity hall for its citizens. In tourism, the new scenic pattern of “three mountains, three gardens and one strip” has been formed. Especially the tourist resort of the double mountain island, not only coincide with the plan along the Yangtze river in Suzhou, but also satisfy the requests for the modern people of returning nature, entertainment and relaxation as well as the experience of the cultivation culture.

Zhangjiagang is also a paradise for eating and shopping. There are 16 star-leveled hotel, among which 3 five-star leveled, ranking the foremost with the same grade county-leveled cities. The Yangtze river is the treasure the god bestow Zhangjiagang. The water products such as fishes are really abundant.Zhangjiagang city has kept a continuous, harmonious and fast development in its economy and society. The increasing range has been kept more than 20% for the successive 20 years. It has kept its rank of 4th in China according to the basic competitive strength in economy. Renowned as national tourist city, national garden city, Zhangjiagang city has also won the award of better environment to live in in China. It has successfully passed the trial test for national civilization city and the examination for national ecological sample region. In addition, it is among the first group to win the title of good public security county of Jiangsu province. No wonder the former chairman Jiang Zeming inscribed for Zhangjiagang its spirits as: cooperation, struggling, rejuvenating, self-stressed and be bold to try to be the first.

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