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Yutian (or former called Keriya) is located in the Keriya River oasis along the southern rim of Taklamakan Desert and north of Mt. Kunlun in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Northwest China, with a brilliant history over 2000 years. It's one of the most important counties on the Ancient Silk Road, an economic and cultural centre for trading and the exchanges between ancient China and the neighbourhoods. Its splendid geographic features and long history leave this area an ideal destination for travelling and adventure, even archaeologycal exploration.

Yutian is a county that covers an area of 1.55 square miles. The population of Yutian region is 0.23 million with native ethnic Uyghur coving over 90 percent. It's rich in products and natural resources, which earns the famous reputation as "the country of Jade and gold". It's also a renowned natural srorehouse of grains, fruits, carpets and other handicrafts made of wool. And the local folk songs and dances are favored all through China. The unique landscapes, such as glacier, frozen earth, volcano, gobi deserts and oasis, attract more and more adventurists from all over the world.

The main characteristics of this county weather is that: lear all the year round and day and night the difference in temperature is large. The major attractions in Yutian are ancient city ruins and relics, lost cities and desert trekking along Ancient Silk Road and the bazzars which still play an important role in domestic and international trade. Welcome to view other columns for extensive source of attraction information and travel services offer related to Yutian or other famous cities in China. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel to Yutian. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

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