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He Garden, or He Yuan, located in Xuningmen Street in Jiangsu Yangzhou City, is the national key cultural relics protection units. It is known as "the first garden in late Qing Dynasty". The He Garden is the representative work of Yangzhou gardens in the late Qing Dynasty, and is the embodiment of Yangzhou's garden characteristics. It makes full use of the gallery building function and charm; the 1500 meters complex road corridors here is unique wonderful landscapein China's gardens.

The scale of this garden is huge, covering an area of more than 14000 square meters; and the building area has reached more than 7000 square meters, accounting for more than 50% of the total area; reflecting the late Qing Dynasty garden architecture characteristics. The whole garden is divided into the east garden, west garden, garden countyard, slice of stone and hills room, with two layer series floor and compound corridor connecting with the house.The main building of the east garden is all sides hall like a ship form, with all round pebbles, tile floor, decorative pattern for water wave shape, giving a person with a water artistic conception. The west garden has open space with a big pool in the the center; the halls and bungalows are built surround the pool.

The Series floor is the biggest characteristic of He Garden's architectural art. On the pane and wall of the floor, there are poems written by Su Dongpo, Tang Bohu, Zheng Banqiao, and etc...and the stone tablets are embedded the ancients verse. The "view garden mirror" in the corridor can help tourists have a whole view of the He Garden; fully embodies an organic whole with the architectural art and the natural scenery beauty. The whole garden could be divided into two parts. The east garden has the four-side hall which is the main building in this section. In the west section, there is a large land and a big pool located in the center. He Garden is the typical garden in Yangzhou. The layout of garden vegetation is also unique. The plum blossom, laurel blossom, peony, maple trees and phoenix trees and so on all give the elegance to this ancient garden. The garden in Yangzhou looks like the traditional Chinese painting and Chinese essential poem.

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