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Yangzhou is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China. Located the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal, it borders the provincial capital of Nanjing to the southwest, Huai'an to the north, Yancheng to the northeast, Taizhou to the east, and Zhenjiang across the river to the south. The city is around 6, 700 square kilometers with the population of around 4,500,000. For foreign travelers, an interesting footnote to Yangzhou's history is that Marco Polo served there under the Mongol emperor Kubilai Khan, in the period around 1282-1287.

As one of the most popular travel destinations in China, Yangzhou has been well known for its brilliant historic role in Chinese history and was one of the first 24 cities that were announced as the Historical and Cultural Cities in China. It was the major national political, financial and commerical center in China's history and also the transport hub due to its important location at the junction of the Yangtze River, the Grand Canal and the Huaihe River. The glorious history left the large number of treatures to this city, such as: valuable architectures, arts and celebrities.

Yangzhou itself is a museum of Chinese culture and a beautiful Chinese garden. With its long history, the city offers much to the visitor. Among the many scenic and historic attractions, perhaps the most notable are the local section of the Grand Canal, the many lovely gardens, and the buildings associated with the monk Jian Zhen. Welcome to view other columns for extensive guide to attraction information and travel services offer related to Yangzhou or other famous cities in China. Feel free to contact us if you plan to travel to Yangzhou. We will provide the professional advice, individual itinerary and excellent travel service.

Yangzhou Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • Yangzhou Museum
    Yangzhou Museum is the only museum of local chronicles. The exhibition area of the museum is about 11602.3 square meters and the display area is about 2163 square meters. It has several themed display halls such as Guangling ... ...
  • The Slim West LakeThe Slim West Lake in the western suburb of Yangzhou was originally known as the Baozhang River, a natural river course through which runoffs from Zhugang Mountain empties into the Grand Canal. In comparison with the West Lake of ... ...
  • Geyuan GardenLocated in the eastern part of Yangzhou City, Geyuan Garden is adjacent to Dong-guan Street, an old lane, in the south; and faces East Yanfu Road, an inland river scenic belt, in the north. In 1818, or the 23rd year of the Jiaqing ... ...
  • He GardenHe Garden, or He Yuan, located in Xuningmen Street in Jiangsu Yangzhou City, is the national key cultural relics protection units. It is known as "the first garden in late Qing Dynasty". The He Garden is the representative work of ... ...
  • Daming TempleDaming Temple, located on a hillslope in the northwestern suburb of Yangzhou.It is one of the oldest temples in the City, having a history of over 1,500 years.
    Once Emperor Qianlong by the Qing dynasty toured Yangzhou and was ... ...
  • Yangzhou Grand CanalYangzhou, where Marco Polo once served as a municipal official, is a city with a history of 2,500 years, tracing back to the Spring and Autumn Period when it was called Guangling. The city was one of ten cities in the world around ... ...
  • Wenchang PavilionWenchang Pavilion Located in the Wuling Tou of the Xikou Scenic Site. It was built in Year 1731. It was originally a small pavilion with the image of Wenchang God ablated inside, where Wenchang Union, Wenwu Union and Jinxi Study o ... ...

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