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Longwu Temple was built around 1301 BC and belongs to the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It has a history of 699 years and is one of the comparatively old temples of Tibetan Buddhism and the biggest temple of Gelu denomination in Qingnan Area.The temple is beginning to be discovered by visitors and currently, only a few visitors come for touring purposes. The Tibetan-style temple is backed by a mountain setting. It has grand architecture scale, stately model, and luxurious decoration.

The great Sutra Hall covers an area of 1700 square meters with 170 meters long. 18 giant pillars, 146 short pillars and dozens of statues are in the great Sutra Hall. They all have beautiful shapes and are in solemn silence. Especially the statue for Zongbage is 11 meters high with the perimeter of the base 26 meters. The whole body is painted gold. The collections of art, all kinds of precious cultural relics, numerous exquisite statues, murals, paintings and other works of art, including vast Buddhist scrolls and books become the Buddhist art museum in Qinghai Province.

There are 18 temples under the the domination of Longwu Temple, Nianduhu Temple, Guomeri Temple, Wutun Temple, and etc. The main Buddhist rituals are prayer meeting from Jan. 13-18 according to lunar calendar, Nidan prayer meeting in Mar., Jiangfan festival in Sem. ,and Wugong festivalin Oct. ,and etc. In 1996, Longwu Temple is listed as key cultural site under state protection. It attracts many tourists, professionals, and scholars with its long history and abundant cultural relics.

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