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Dongguan Mosque Guide

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Dongguan Mosque is the biggest mosque in Qinghai Province, Situated in Dongguan Street, Xining City. It was built in 1380, and now boasts a history of more than 600 years. The Mosque is not only famous for its magnificent architecture but also as a religious education center and as the highest learning institution of Islam. It is the most well preserved ancient building, as well as the center and the highest-level institution of Islamic learning in Northwest China. There is a square with an area of some 30,000 square meters (about 7 acres). The prayer hall is the main building in Dongguan Mosque.The whole prayer hall is resplendent and magnificent. It can hold more than 3,000 people praying at the same time.

There is a complex of traditional Chinese palace-style buildings in the mosque. Covering an area of 11,940 square meters (about 3 acres), Dongguan Mosque is built on a grand scale. Its style combines both Chinese traditional architectural art and Islamic architectural features. When you traveling to the Mosque, the first thing you can see the elegant arched door on which is written 'Dongguan Mosque'. On either side of the front door stands the Xuanli Lou (Xuanli Pavilion). The Xuanli Lou is special as the place where the Imams invite people to pray. It is 8 meters (some 26 feet) high, and consists of three floors which are hexagonal in shape.

The main worship hall faces the east, therefore the prayers can pray facing the holy city of Mecca. Its wall is made of great cyan stones, and its roof is decorated with colored glaze. The ridge of the hall is decorated with Tibetan style Aquarius. The majestic and hushful main worship hall resembles a palace of the Han nationality There are two-storeyed ambulatory-like wing halls on both sides of the main worship hall. Today, most visitors want to go this Hall to exploring the history of Dongguan Mosque. Thousands of Islamites come to the mosque and religiously say prayers while facing the west.
How to travel in Dongguan Mosque, Here are some guide information about Dongguan Mosque, The detail is following:
Address: Dongguandajie of Chengdong District, Xining
Admission Fee: CNY 10
Opening hours: 08:00 a.m-12:00 p.m, 14:00 p.m-17:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 971 8214805

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