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The Tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is located in the eastern outskirts of Lintong County, 35 kilometers to the east of Xi'an on Lishan Mountain in the south and overlooking the Wei River towards north. The layouts of Lishan Mountain to Mount Hua is a dragon-like shape according to geomancy. The imperial tomb is at the eye of the dragon. Emperor Qin shi huang, who was the first emperor of a unified China after he defeated the other six kingdoms, is a remarkable and contraversial emperor in the Chinese history. He's known as a tyrant but more often for his great achievements during his

regime. He, under the suggestion of his chief adviser Li Si, passed a series of major economic and political reforms. He undertook gigantic projects, including the first version of the Great Wall of China. Emperor Qin Shi Huang became the king of Qin State at the age of 22 then he ordered people to start building his tomb. The construction of the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang lasted for more or less 38 years and involved 720,000 laborors to build it. The Tomb of Emperor Qinshihuang is the largest Imperial Mausoleum in ancient China. In 1961, the State Council put the Mausoleum under state

protection as a cultural relic. The tomb was built deep underground and had not only several palaces, but also several burial places of the high level officials of Qin Dynasty. The world-famous Terra-Cotta Warriors are accessaries of the Tomb of Emperir Qin Shi Huang. It is said that the Emperor spent a lot of money and man power to build this tomb. The distinctive features of the tomb are that it had two city walls, the grounds of the tomb are also vast and there are many performances at the tomb every day. Some guide information of the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.
Location: Lintong County, East of Xi'an City              Contact number: +86 29 83912874             Opening Hours: 07:30 to 18:30               Tickets: CNY 20 (Dec.1-the end of Feb.) ; CNY 40 (Mar.1-Nov.30)

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Name:About the Qinling Tomb Reply

I read on my guide boos that there is tomb for Qinshihuang in Xian called Qingling. Is the tomb been excavated? Can we go inside to visit?

Name:Re: About the Qinling Tomb

The Qinling Tomb is the tomb of Emperor Qinshihuang, who is the first emperor in Chinese history. Well, his tomb haven’t been opened but you can visit the buildings above ground.