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The Big Mosque, or the Great Mosque, is located at the Huajue Lane to the northwest of the Drum Tower in Xi'an. It is the largest, best preserved and one of the most important Islamic mosques in China. The mosque attracts many Muslims come and visit there. Its construction started in 742, the first year of Tianbao Period of the Tang Dynasty and additions were made during the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties which makes it an ancient architectural complex. Inside the Mosque, it has such treasures as hand-copied Korans from the Ming Dynasty and a calendar stone called 'the Moon Tablet'.

Different from most Mosques in Middle East or Arabian countries, the constructions of the Big Mosque of Xi'an are mainly in Chinese architectural style, except for some Arabic decorations, for the mosque has neither domes nor traditional-style minarets. In the Tang dynasty, Islam was introduced to China by the Arabian merchants. Many Muslims settled down in China and married Han people. The Big Mosque was constructed at that time to honor them. Since ever, several other mosques were built across the county, serves over 60,000 Chinese Muslims in Xian area. The mosque was the religious center for

Arab merchants operating in China. Although most of these central Asian Muslims maintained their cultural heritage, they gradually mingled with the Chinese, creating a distinct minority known as the 'Hui people'. The Great Mosque is open to visitors from all over the world, except yhat non-muslims cannot go into the main prayer hall. You will defenitely have a better understanding of the religious life of the local muslims in Xi'an. Some guide informaiton for the Big Mosque.
Location: No.30 Huajue Lane, Xi'an City         Admission Fee: CNY 25 (March-November); CNY 15 (December, January, February)        Contact number: +86 29 87272541         Opening hours: 08:00-19:30

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Name:Is Great Mosque Available for Praying? Reply

We are muslim and want to know can we go to pray in the Great Mosque when travelling in Xian? Could we find good place to buy muslim stuffs around the mosque?

Name:Re: Is Great Mosque Available for Praying?

Yes, the Great Mosque is open to public for praying. But they require tickets to get in. The Muslim street is just outside the Great Mosque. You can find muslim food and souvenirs there.