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The Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show is a marvelous performance of the ancient dance with the traditional Chinese instruments. It is one of the famous performances that guests must visit when they travel to Xian. Xi'an, known as Chang'an, was the capital of Tang Dynasty. As the most glorious and powerful dynasty in the Chinese history, Tang Dynasty made a great impact on the politics, economy and culture of China. The show is a best explanation of the gorgeous dynasty and can show the prosperous society and splendid culture to all the guests who want to experience the life and activity of

that period. As the traditional art performance, it was first performed in the ceremony to pray for a good harvest and a better life. For over thousands of years' development, the dances had reached to a peak in the Tang Dynasty and become the symbol of the Dynasty. The show performed by the Tang Dynasty Song & Dance Troupe was the glamorous imperial entertainment during Tang Dynasty. In this performance, you will witness them playing several traditional Chinese instruments and enjoy them playing one famous piece titled The Huaqing Palace, which can show the great achievement of the

dynasty. The troup was inspired by the tourist industy to show the brilliant culture to the world. They refered to lots of relevent books, documents, frescoes of Tang Dynasty style. Even more they went everywhere to learn the traditional folk arts from folk artists and experts. After elaborative preparations the show made its first debut on October 1st 1982 succesfully. The Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show brought people back to Tang Dynasty to experience the classical and peaceful airs. Some guide information of he Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show.
Location: Tang Dynasty Palace / Shaanxi Song & Dance Theatre        Hours 20:30 - 21:40 / 20:00 - 21:00         Contact number: +86 10 85968802

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What is served with the dinner at the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show?

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We will be visiting Xian in May and would love to see one of the Tang Dynasty music and dance shows. Do we need to book the tickets? I would appreciate more information.

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There are three theaters showing Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show including dinner in Xi'an. That’s better to book seats in advance through some travel agency.