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Mount Hua, known as one of the Five Mountains in China, is located in the Qinling Mountain Range which lies in southern Shaanxi province. It stands tall in Huayin County 120 kilometers away to the east of Xi'an. In the ancient time the original meaning of Mount Hua was Mount Flower as the five major peaks' layouts are like a blooming lotus. The five peaks towers in the south, north, west, east and center respectively, which looks like petals of a lotus. The highest peak is the south peak named Luoyan Peak with the elevation being 2159.4 meters, which is also the highest peak among the

Five Mountains in China. Mount Hua has long had a reputation for its stunning precipices and height, therefore lots of articles and poetries had left from centuries to praise Mt. Hua. As early as the second century BC, there was a Taoist temple known as the Shrine of the Western Peak located at its base. Taoist believed that there's a god of the underworld lives in the mountain. The temple at the foot of the mountain was often used for spirits mediums to contact the god and his underlings. Mt. Hua was also an important place for immortality seekers, as powerful drugs were reputed to be found there. So in the

past many emperors came here to make pilgrimages and seek immortality. It's very physically challenging to travel to Mount Hua and dangerous for some of the places of Mount Hua only have narrow and steep paths or even just chains to help people climb. The sunrise on the Mount Hua is also worth waiting for with the time shifting from 4:30 to 6:00 in different seasons. In the 1230s, all the temples on the mountain came under control of the Daoist Quanzhen School. In 1998, the committee agreed to turn over most of the mountain's temples to the China Daoist Association, which was done to protect the environment of the area. Some guide information of Mount Hua.
Location: Huanyin County, 120 km away to the east of Xian       Opening hours:7:00-19:00 (Mar.1-Nov.31); 9:00-17:00 (Dec.1-Feb.29)       Tickets: RMB120/Person; Cable car: RMB80 / RMB45 (Mar.1-Nov.31); RMB150 / RMB80 (Dec.1-Feb.29)        Contact number: +86 913 4362794

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Name:One Day Mt. Hua Trip Reply

Just wondering if we can make a round trip to Mt. Hua within one day? Our flight back home is nearly midnight that day. We don’t mind using cable car on Huashan Mountain, which maybe faster.

Name:Re: One Day Mt. Hua Trip

I assume you start from Xian city to Mt. Hua, correct? Actually, the time is so tight. We suggest you go there in the afternoon one day before and stay around Huashan Mountain. You can do the climbing or cable car from the next morning.